Announcing Fling Factory VR


Announcing Fanglet Software’s latest project, Fling Factory VR.

Throw flying discs and teleport about to solve puzzles in VR within a variety of different environments with Fling Factory VR. A little like crazy golf with throwing discs and added thinking. The aim of the game is to minimise the number of throws, number of teleports and time taken to solve each puzzle. Each puzzle level will be relatively short allowing drop in drop out game play while completing a full course should take around an hour for a longer experience.

There will be a number of courses to choose from, each with its own visual style. Each course will consist of 10 to 20 levels of puzzles of increasing complexity. The plan is to have a free trial version with a selection of levels from the game. Total number of courses in the full game will depend on the level of interest, most likely three to ten courses total for a total of 30 to 100 levels. Price for the paid version will start around $5 at initial release and may increase up to around $10 as courses are added, but early adopters will have access to the additional levels at no additional cost. No paid DLC is planned unless demand causes the number of courses to exceed ten.

It is anticipated that Fling Factory VR will be available on Vive either standing or at room scale depending on player preference. Rift support may be added at a later time if the game is successful and will require touch due to the nature of the game.

The end of the Greenlight program on Steam has forced advertisement of this project at an earlier stage than originally planned, so please go to Steam and support Fling Factory VR now to get it greenlit before the programme ends. Coding has reached alpha stage as of February 2017 and level design is ongoing. The free demo should be available by April 2017 if the project is approved, with the game following not long after. Thanks in advance for your support.